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Lash Lift

What is a Lash Lift?

Lashes that are flat and straight are not something that anyone really wants. You can curl them but they may or may not retain the curl and keep looking great. Since lashes are so important when it comes to a look, having great lashes is a must. A lash lift is a procedure that helps to lift and curl the lashes so that they look longer and also so that they stay curled longer. Lash lifts are a multi step procedure that when done right, can last for up to six weeks. For a lash lift, the first step it so thoroughly clean the lashes and eyelids. The lashes are then glued to a curling pad or rod and a keratin solution is painted on the lashes. After that, the lashes are painted with fixer that fixes the curls in place and the lashes are again cleaned. They may also be treated with a conditioner to help make them soft and to help nourish them. This process is going to help the curl to last for weeks and make your lashes look far better.

Our lash lift always come with a black dark tint so the results are always beyond your expectations.

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