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  • Fees applies: if you are a no-show / if you cancel less than the day before business hours closes

  • If you are late to your appointment we may not be able to do everything you had booked for or we may not be able to take you at all

  • We do our BEST to put enough time for each appointment but keep in mind that if you are too late you taking the risk to shorten your own appointment, so please be respectful of the time as we also try our best to take you on time

  • if you are running late please give us a call right away so we will know if we can still pamper you, otherwise we will have to reschedule your appointment


  • Fees applies if your beautician needs to clean your lashes (either for a full set or for a refill)

  • We do NOT do lash refill if you already have lashes from another place. We will remove the one you have (lash removal is 35$) and we will apply a fresh new set 

  • We always go with what YOU have, so if your own lashes are short then we do not want to damage them by applying very long and heavy lashes as it will not last long anyway. The longer and thicker your own lashes are the more we can apply lash extension. Everybody is different, we always recommend what best suits you, for your eye shape and whats best to NOT damage your own lashes (because we want to see you again with lashes, so we can fill you again and again)

  • Should you need a break from lash extension our beautician will let you know

  • Your phone MUST be on SILENT... you will thank us once you have had a nap :)

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