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Why is threading better than waxing?

Threading has became so popular in the last few years because threading has only benefits and advantages. Your entire face can be threaded (upper lip, eyebrows, sideburns, neck, cheeks, forehead)

Either you have been waxing or tweezing from home or at your favourite beauty bar place but you always wanted to try threading, well then it is time to give it a try as threading is perfect for teenagers, women and men, sensitive skin, acne prone skin & more.

Using a thin cotton or polyester thread, it is doubled & twisted to remove the unwanted hair

Where does threading come from?

Threading is a method of hair removal originating from Middle East & Asia. (over 5000 years old) In the last 10 years, in the western countries threading has gained so much popularity mainly in the cosmetic world.

Is threading for everyone?

I can only say YES to this!!

You have acne and you are using accutane.

You have beautiful aging skin and you are using retinol A cream or your night cream has vitamin E.

You daily use fish oil or multivitamin, which thin the skin so when you wax your skin get extremely sensitive.

You have a very sensitive skin to begin with and you can not wax or you simply react to all waxes out there.

You have very short, strong or very fine hair that the tweezer and/or wax can not reach.

You want a perfect, clean and neat eyebrow.

You want that sharp, bold look eyebrow that threading can give you.

If you have at least say one "yes" to any of the above then threading is for YOU!!

Is threading painful?

Like mama use to say, beauty is pain. HAHA!!

But more seriously, threading DOES NOT hurt. Unless you are EXTREMELY sensitive then you would feel the hair coming out, as the hair is being pulled with its follicules.

But remember now these days you can get over the counter numbing cream (for ex. Emla©) apply it on the area that will get threaded for about 20/30minutes prior to your appointment.

Threading is the exact same process as waxing or tweezing but using a different technique to remove the unwanted hair.

How does threading work?

At La Beauty Boutique we use a thin cotton thread, that we double, twist and spray with alcohol before applying to your skin. Prior we prep your skin, using different products depending on your skin type and allergies you may have. We have a few options available that we can use either in combination or individually:

- witch hazel

- aloe vera

- rosehip oil

- 70% alcohol

How to find the best place near you for eyebrow threading?

Like mama use to say, the best way to find a good face cream for your skin type is to simply put it on, try it and Voila!

So if you know a place that does threading, walk-in, ask how they do the treatment, and watch their floor... you will know right away if they care about it, they care about their clients. Am I right?

If they have nothing to hide then they would gladly show you how they do their services.

See it for yourself, give it a try & you will love threading.

Olga, who is our Threading Queen?

Special Love note to our Threading Queen, Olga, the one that taught all of our LBB Beauty Angels our unique, delicate, painfree and perfect techniques for threading.

If you have more questions about threading or would like to set up an appointment, contact us today!

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