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Plump Your Natural Lashes with a Lash Lift

You've heard of facelifts, but what about lash lifts? It's a great way to get your wimpy natural lashes to look naturally thick and full. There is no more need for fakes or layers and layers of mascara to make your lashes sparkle.

So, what is a Lash Lift?

As some describe it, it is like getting a "perm for your eyes." Your lashes are lifted and placed onto a rod ( a hair perm.). They are then curled up as a solution similar to a perm is placed on your lashes and allowed to sit for a while. The result? The lashes are lifted, resulting in a fuller look.

How Lash Lifts Work

The first step to getting a lash lift is to consult a trained professional. So, how does a lash lift work? The process for treating your lashes will begin with an allergy test to ensure there will be no side effects. Your lash technician will then discuss with you the look you want to achieve to determine what size rod to use in the lash perming. After that, the procedure can begin.

  • Step 1.

After lying down, your technician will clean the area around your eyes. Following cleansing, silicone rods are positioned above the eyelids. The lashes are then raised and curled over the rod and secured in place.

  • Step 2.

The lashes are then covered in a protein serum, which breaks down the proteins in the lashes. In this way, they become more flexible, so the technician can easily mold and shape them into place around the rod.

  • Step 3.

The lashes are then treated with a keratin-infused serum to restore them, soften them, and bring out their natural beauty.

  • Step 4.

An additional keratin coat is then applied to the lashes to provide them with further protection.


Following this procedure, your lash expert will instruct you to not get your lashes wet for at least a full day, and not apply any makeup. Once that's done, enjoy your new lash lift look. The effect lasts for up to 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how much your lashes grow (they do grow!) and how well they are maintained. A lash technician will recommend that you apply lash oil or coconut oil every night to your lashes to help maintain your lash lift look.

With lash lifts, you can finally achieve a fuller lash look with your own lashes.


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