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Lash Extension and Lash lift in Toronto

La Beauty Boutique: Lash Lift in the city of Toronto

Wouldn't it be incredible to wake up each day with lashes that looked like you used curler clamps and a just a few coats of mascara? Imagine having those luscious lashes without having to apply makeup. The answer is lash lifts and/or lash extension Toronto.

A lash lift for your eyelashes is similar to a perm for your hair. It alters the shape and color of your natural lashes. For the most part, people's lashes grow out, not up. So to achieve that look, you have to use an eyelash curler.

Our keratin lash lifts will deposit protein in your lashes and nourish them as we roll them upwards and set them in place. Then, if you choose, we can also tint them for thicker, darker, and longer-looking lashes.

With proper care, our lash lift will last up to twelve weeks.


Do you need a lash extension Toronto-based? Do you have short stubby lashes that need help to look full and beautiful the way you envision? Don't worry. You're not alone.

We offer a full line-up of different lash extension, from our natural set to our mega-volume set. If you're wearing mascara and eyeliner, we clean your lashes. Our retention lasts up to eight weeks.

In fact, anytime you see a woman with long luscious lashes, she either spent hours making them look like that, with an eyelash curler and mascara, or used false eyelashes. Of course, the best way to get the lashes you love is to see a professional.

A lash extension is a semi-permanent procedure using synthetic, faux mink, or silk fibers (nothing is made from animal). We are a vegan environment, care and love the wild life.

We apply each extension to your natural lashes one at a time. The result is lush lashes, which means you probably don't need mascara. Visit La Beauty Boutique and get the gorgeous lashes you crave with a lash extension Toronto-located.


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La Beauty Boutique: Lash Extension in the city of Toronto

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