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Reasons Threading Your Eyebrows is all the Rage

For decades, women have been plucking or waxing their eyebrows to get rid of unwanted hairs and to provide a nice shape to their eyebrows to frame their eyes properly, but there is a new procedure for this, and it is gaining in popularity.

Threading originated in South Asia and the Middle East and is a centuries-old hair removal process so why is it just now gaining steam in the United States? First, let’s find out exactly what threading is and how it works.

How it Works

A technician essentially uses thread that he or she twists with their hands and fingers to pull each hair from its root from the eyebrow area. The process is similar to that of an epilator. It is a very precise process and allows the specialist or technician to have more control over which hairs are removed from the area. With waxing, a larger area of hair is removed which can leave harsh lines and pull hairs that did not need to be removed. Threading allows for a more natural look as the cotton thread technique allows you to pull the specific hairs that you want to remove and keep the ones you want to save, so you end up with the perfect eyebrow shape every time. Threading is also less painful than waxing or tweezing.

Does Not Hurt the Skin

Threading does not nick the skin or pull too much as tweezing can do. When it comes to waxing, harsh chemicals are many times used as well as heat which can cause irritation to the skin around your eyebrows and can even cause injury to your eyes. When you are tweezing, you can also damage your skin and cause dark spots to form or ingrown hairs.

Wall threading will not cause the type of damage that can be caused by hot wax or tweezers, it is still a form of hair removal that involves pulling the hair from its root which means there is still a certain amount of pain or discomfort associated with the process of threading.

The Cost of Threading

Depending on the location of the salon, the area of the face treated the cost of threading can be around $15 to $45 per session. Each session takes about 20 minutes to complete.

How Long Does It Last?

Although each person's hair grows at a different rate, the average time between threading sessions is two to five weeks. Also, keep in mind that your first reading appointment when you need brow shaping will take longer than subsequent sessions that only involve touch-ups.

The staff at La Beauty Boutique offer threading as well as other hair removal techniques and an array of other beauty services.

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